San Fransisco based “New Noise Magazine” has premiered our new single “Family Man”.  Here is what they had to say:

Got one for all you Dads out there today. Shout out to all the punk rock papas! Peppy, British pop-punks LOVEBREAKERS just released a video for their song “Family Man,” which will appear on the band’s debut LP Primary Colours out in Spring 2021.

On the inspiration for the song and video, LOVEBREAKERS tell us the following:

“The song tells a short story of someone who has just became a parent. It’s influenced from some close friends of mine who recently started their own families. It’s a ‘homage’ to those guys. It’s that back-and-forth of ‘DAMN THIS SUCKS, BUT I WOULDN’T CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD.’ The verses are the negative side of things, and the pre choruses/choruses are the positive side.”

Next year, LOVEBREAKERS will be releasing their debut through Little Rocket Records (U.K.) and Wiretap Records (U.S.) and are looking forward to supporting Social Distortion on their U.K. and E.U. tour (COVID abiding).

In the meantime, LOVEBREAKERSplan to play some intimate underground shows coupled with online live streams, hoping to build and support the fragile music scene in these difficult times.

Here are the lyrics for “Family Man”

Verse 1:
This alarm is way too early I wanna snooze all day,
But I should wash my people carrier,
Honour my duties

Pre Chorus 1:
Cross my heart hope to die, 
I won’t miss anything

I’m a family man,
Nice to meet you,
Come and shake my hand,
I’ll do all I can just please you,
I’m a family man

Verse 2:
Your wages cover our mortgage, mine are for the bills,
Three years saving for a holiday,
We’ve been through the mill

Stick to family,
Don’t put your numbers on the lottery

Photo by Morgan Tedd.